bags of blessings

Madison County Elementary School, located in Gurley, AL, is serving the highest proportion of students whose family income falls at or below the national poverty level in all of Madison County. What this means is that 55% of all students enrolled qualify for free lunch. If you include the students who receive a reduced price for lunch, this increases to almost 60%.

Food scarcity is VERY real for these families. As a result many children go hungry when school is not in session where they can get at least breakfast and lunch on school days. For the past 4 years, The Bags of Blessings program has been able to provide weekend and holiday break food bags for these identified children so that they have access to food when school is not in session. These additional food items provide much needed nutrition to prepare students for learning when they return to school each week. 

We need your help! This year we need provide food for 217 children. However, our grant money and donations have been depleted and we simply do not have the funds to feed them this year. YOUR donation will help us PREVENT The Missing Meal over the remaining 28 weeks of school.

Weekend Bag for ONE Student           Holiday Break Bag for ONE Student

$2 per wk       $24 twelve wks                    $10 one break      $30   three breaks

$8 four wks    $56 for this year                 $20 two breaks    $40   four breaks

$96.00 covers one student for the entire year

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