Jacob's Ladder

Jacobs Ladder is an intervention program for at risk teenagers from middle school through high school graduation.  It is statistically proven that mentoring can change the trajectory of a young adult’s life. We’ve chosen to focus on mentoring teens as they transition to adulthood because we believe it can have a significant generational impact.  Graces’ partners with Madison County Middle School and High School to select students that are:  smart, capable of making good grades, exhibit no deep behavioral issues and do not have a close role model in their lives. 

Our goal is to generate Godly young adults who will go on to excel in their spiritual life, as well as be productive in the workforce, and one day become Godly husbands, fathers and wives and mothers.

The main components of Jacobs Ladder consist of: daily prayer, Godly  mentors, quality time with mentors at least twice a month, monthly group meetings, annual weekend outings, Bible study, and sports sponsorships to enable them to participate in school athletics or clubs of their choice. Additional items we hope to add soon are: community service, motivational speakers, police officer involvement, character building and etiquette classes.

We have opportunities for volunteers to be mentors, fill-in mentors (attend monthly events in case a mentor is unavailable) prayer warriors, hosts of events, and donors. 

Please contact Denise Howard if you are interested in helping out. All volunteers must go through a background check before participating.