mces tutoring

The first tutoring session begins at 8:00AM each morning and the last session ends at 11:00AM.  Each session is 30–45 minutes long with 4 (Kindergarten or 1st grade) students being tutored.  A tutoring session might involve any of the following:


  •       Reading to the students
  •       Practicing the recognition of individual letters of the alphabet      and sounding these letters out loud
  •       Understanding the difference between vowels, and                        consonants
  •       Naming a picture like umbrella and stating what letter the            picture starts with
  •       Understanding the difference between capitals and lower            case letters
  •       Writing the alphabet
  •       Practicing writing the letters that pose a challenge for                  individual students
  •       Matching game with alphabet letters
  •       Recognizing site words (Sight words are words that appear        frequently in most of the text people read, but can't easily be      sounded out.)

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